Yvonne Grüter

After completing high school I studied communications and marketing at the University of Milan IULM, graduating with the qualification of Public Relations Dottoressa. During my studies I undertook several internships at design companies and worked for Fiera Milano as well in PR for Piccoli Interni (an organization sponsored by the Comune Milano with over 100 selected retail companies in the fields of design, art and crafts).

After returning to my hometown of Munich, I worked for more than four years as an editor for the German edition of Vogue and was responsible for the Design & Living domain. The main topics and themes included design news, design talents, living reports, technology news, "luxury holiday rentals" section and the styling of the Christmas specials.

Since 2010 I have been working both as a freelance Design & Living editor for print and online media, as well as undertaking PR for prestigious interior-design companies, online shops, designers, interior architects, artists and shops.

I value Yvonne Grüter's reliable grasp for trends, her profound living and lifestyle expertise as well as her wealth of high quality contacts with the local and international design scene. She has an exceptionally good eye and great sense of aesthetics with respect to photos, styling, layout and interiors. Thanks to her work experience, she fully understands the everyday aspects of editorial life and knows how to optimally reach and provide journalists with PR-based news and information in words and images: fast, reliable, and unpretentious, yet also in a personal and creative manner, in order to stand out from the masses.
Stefanie Bärwald, editor of Wohnen, Living at Home

It is always a great occasion for us when we receive lovingly-created post from Yvonne Grüter, because then it is certain that it contains something special for our readers of MünchenKreativ.
Michaela Bernhard, blogger MünchenKreativ

PR de Luxe.
Since 2013 Yvonne Grüter has been responsible for the public relations of STADTHAUS München. With her expertise, clear view of the essentials, her charm and heart-felt involvement she understands like no other, how to concisely present STADTHAUS to the press.
Andreas Meinhard, STADTHAUS München

Yvonne Grüter is one of the PR professionals, for whom you gladly make take time for, even in the midst of great editorial stress: she works discreetly, quickly, professionally and is, above all, reliable! I greatly value her contributions.
Christian Johannes May, food & design editor GALA

Yvonne has a great approach to PR that is genuine. She has a talent for bringing the right people together, so that the events she organizes always have a special content and fill me with joy and euphoria – and even drive.
Niki Szilagyi, interior designer

Yvonne Grüter is a PR professional who chooses the most beautiful pieces for each editorial, immediately provides the matching pictures and information and sends out the best PR kits. Each of her postal mailings is a real highlight in editorial day-to-day life.
Iris Wöhrle, freelance writer